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Thank you for visiting my blog. About five years ago, I was an Eligible Bachelor, Celebrity Trainer, Club Bouncer, Professional Bodybuilder and Fitness Model. Now, I am happily married with two children (and one in the belly pot). Guess who is watching the children at home.....? This blog is about my challenging and humorous ways of raising my boys. I pray that you will find enjoyment with my daily updates. You will be laughing...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Art of Doing Nothing...Not in my world

This blog is for the mom who asked me, "She wonders if her husband could possibly do as much as she could during the day?".  She also asked me "If a man could even do as much as a woman in raising kids every day?"  Ofcourse, I just laughed.  Well, here was my routine the day I talk to that mom (or mothers) with that question.

Wake-up: 3:50am - 4am
Work: 4:30am - 7am (train about 4 - 5 clients)
Back home: 7:15 - 7:30 (I make my wife's breakfast and lunch before she goes to work every morning)
Morning routine: 7:30- 8:30am (wake up kids; clean kitchen, load of laundry; breakfast for kids; brush kids teeth and hair; cloth children; make lunch and bottles; feed kids )
Off to School: 8:30 - 9:00am (Drive son to school)
Walk son to class: 9:00am - 9:10am (drop off son in class)
Do errands, business phone calls and spend time with other son: 9:15 - 10:00am
Back at work: 10am (Train client)
Train Client: 10:00am - 10:30am
Pick up marketing material and Meeting: 10:45am - 11:15am (quick meeting with marketing director)
Off to pick up Son: 11:15am
Back at School: 11:50
Pick up son: 12pm
Go to Lunch: 12:15 - :12:45pm
Arrive at Soccer Camp: 1pm
Soccer Camp: 1:15 - 2pm (I stay to take pictures for parents in soccer and to play with other son)
Travel back home: 2:15pm (we sometimes stop for Ice Cream)
Back home: 2:30pm
Rest and finsh home chores: 2:30- 3pm (Snack time; finish laundry, and start dinner)
Mommy home: 3pm (welcome mommy - Nice break for me to see her)
Fold Clothes and talk with wife: 3:00 - 3:30pm:
Off to Karate: 3:30pm (Dress son and drive to Karate)
Karate and Grocery shopping: 4pm - 4:30pm (I do some grocery shopping while son in karate)
Pick up son and drop off son: 4:35 - 4:50pm
Off to work: 4:50 - 5pm (Client at 5pm)
Working: 5pm - 8pm
Back home: 8:30pm (Help with putting boys to bed, clean kitchen or house; brush boys teeth)
Take Shower: 9pm
Do Homework: 9:30 - 10:30pm (do my homework for online course)
Prepare for tmr: 10:30 - 11pm (Prepare training schedule and Daddy routine for tmr)
Go to bed: 11:30 - 12am
Wake up in 4 hours..................for another busy day.

This is how my days are like each week.  Ofcourse, they vary some. Last week I was training for a bodybuilding show which accounts for lots of gym time getting ready.  Lack of sleeping is usually the big issue.  I hope this answers your question


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A priceless Story...it really pays to spend time with your family

My wife was telling me a story about a wonderful mother who didn't have much financially.  Okay...she was poor!  Her husband walked out and left her and her children to take care of themselves.  She went through the constant struggles of finding food/place to live for her 4 children.  Regardless of her financial situation, she made sure she was home for her children. She worked full-time where her kids went to school and when school was out she picked them up to take care of them.  The mother always made sure her children did their homework, were fed, spent family time together, and had all of their needs met (even when they were homeless). 

Get this....!  Even though she didn't have a lot of money, a nice car, a fancy house, ravishing clothes, suburban living, etc.  Her daughter received a FULL SCHOLARSHIP from numerous schools throughout the United States.  We aren't talking about no-name Universities either.  She has received a full Scholorship from University of Chicago, William and Mary, etc. 

We live in a world where our values are upside down.  Our kids don't need money, fancy cars, ravishing living, etc.  WHAT THEY NEED IS JUST OUR TIME! 

Spending time wtih your child....priceless!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is raising a boy a dads job?

It has shown in almost every statistic that the best tool in raising your boy (children in general) is through a good moral, faithful and loving dad.  Mothers have been raising children all by themselves for too long.  It has shown over the last couple of decades how the loss of a good daddy in a boy will increase his chances to a struggling life.   Its not a mothers job to raise her children alone (unless she has to).  It's both parents job regardless if they are married, seperated or friends.  As I have mentioned in my other blogs.  The best gift for my children is showing them how much I love them and their mother through being there for them. 

Being a father with only boys.  I have found that a mother need to take a step back after the childs age of 2 or 3 for the daddy.  Children are so smart at an early age.  Daddy's need to step in as the primary caregiver when he see his son starting to become more deviant.  Boys will respond to an active and loving daddy much quicker then he would his mother.  Ofcourse, nothing can replace the love of a mother.  However, a Dads love is priceless.  If you don't believe me look up family statistics.  Over  94% of black males and 75% of all males in jail were raised only by mom.  

It's not mommies job to be the daddy in your boys life.  Its time for men to be what God created them to be..... His Image!  

Protect your children because the world will not

When will this madness stop?  Every time I turn on the news I hear about another child being tortured, abused, killed or neglected.  My heart breaks every day because Children are so innoscent.  Its starting to seem as if some people bring children into this world to abuse them.  What's worst is when they are treated badly by their parents.  Who can they cry out to.  We live in a world that has its values and morals switched upside down.  The only protection for our children is our love for them.  As a father, It starts with being a devoted Daddy., Husband and Servant to my  family.

Protect your children because the world will not. It may take a villag to raise our children but, it starts with your house.  In my house, we will serve the Lord.  God made me in his image.  I will shower my children wth the same Love that God gave me in creating me.  Together we can be the village that raised our children.